Article 1: object

The General Conditions of Sale, if present, are valid for the supply of SaaS reservation software dedicated to professional customers authorized to carry on a passenger transport activity.

The use by the Customer of the Clickchauffeur module marketed by Surcouf Prod SRL necessarily implies acceptance of these general conditions of use.

Article 2. Ordering and installation

After receipt of the order by Surcouf Prod SRL, the customer will receive, at the e-mail address provided, links allowing him to connect to his administration interface.

The order date will be recognized as the activation date of the commercial contract.

The installation of the module on the Surcouf Prod SRL server will be effective within a maximum of 48 hours.

Article 3. Financial conditions

In exchange for the right to use the Clickchauffeur module, including support and maintenance services, the Customer must pay a subscription.

If a Customer chooses an offer with a monthly subscription, a debit using the bank card registered when ordering will be made every month.

Surcouf Prod SRL reserves the right to ask the Customer for payment by any other means in the event of failure of the bank card.

In the event of a single payment for a so-called “lifetime” offer, a single payment must be made by the Customer.

In the event of non-payment of the subscription price by the customer, Surcouf Prod may decide to suspend the service and the contract.

Article 4. Access to the reservation module

The Clickchauffeur reservation module is available via the internet at the internet address provided by email when setting up the module on the server.

The Customer must have an internet connection and a desktop or laptop computer to access the administration interface.

Unable to predict developments in web browsers and the Internet in general, Surcouf Prod SRL declines all responsibility in the event of current or future non-compatibility of the reservation module.

If the Customer cannot access the service, the Customer must notify Surcouf Prod SRL via the site of his problem.

Surcouf Prod SRL will be able to observe the problem and issue a refund if no solution is found.

Article 5. Material resources

To host the Clickchauffeur SaaS solution, Surcoud Prod SRL has its own material resources.

In the event of excessive consumption of its resources by a Client, Surcouf Prod SRL will warn the Client and will propose the subscription to an adequate service in relation to the consumption of the Client.

Article 6. Data security

The Customer is solely responsible for the use of the Clickchauffeur SaaS solution. In particular, he must ensure that he does not voluntarily or involuntarily transmit his login credentials to the service.

The Customer will also be in charge of managing and securing the data of its customers generated by the use of the Clickchauffeur solution.

Article 7. Backup

For its services, Surcouf Prod SRL will perform a daily backup of all data.

In the event of a problem on the server side or Surcouf Prod SRL, Surcouf Prod SRL will be able to restore the data to date H-24.

In the event of improper handling by the Customer, Surcouf Prod SRL may charge for the restoration of a database at the current rate.

Article 8. Availability of the service

The availability of the server, on which Surcouf Prod SRL operates for hosting and running the Clickchauffeur SaaS solution, is 99.99%.

Surcouf Prod SRL reserves the right, at any time, to restrict access for an indefinite period in the event of maintenance.

Surcouf Prod SRL will not be responsible for the loss of turnover or potential customers due to unavailability of the service.

Lifetime offer is valid as long as the service continues to be marketed. Customers opting for the lifetime offer will benefit from the version of the Clickchauffeur SaaS solution available at the time of purchase. Surcouf Prod SRL may at any time terminate the marketing of the Clickchauffeur SaaS solution without notice.

Article 9. Parameterization requests

Surcouf Prod SRL offers an installation assistance service on the Customer's site and configuration.

Surcouf Prod SRL will invoice in addition and at the rate in force any intervention of this type. The Customer will undertake to provide access to any platform necessary for the final launch of the Clickchauffeur solution.

Customer service is available on request via the site to respond to Customers.

Article 10. Termination of the subscription

The Customer's request for termination must be made by email to the following address:

Surcouf Prod SRL will stop the withdrawal within 48 hours.

The subscription, without obligation, is tacitly renewed every month from the date of subscription by the Customer. Any started month is due.

Article 11. Limitation of use

In the event of inappropriate use of the reservation tool: consumption of too much material resources, use on several websites, obvious scam, use without authorization to transport people, or any other action on the part of the Customer in non -conformity with the laws or the CGS, Surcouf Prod SRL reserves the right to terminate without notice.

Article 12. Refund

Payments received by Surcouf Prod SRL are not refundable.

Only a refund of the initial payment can be made in the event that it is not possible to install the Clickchauffeur reservation module on the customer's final website.

Article 13. Confidentiality

Surcouf Prod SRL, may use the Customer's data for advertising purposes or resell. In addition, Surcouf Prod SRL will be able to use the data collected by the customer via the Clickchauffeur SaaS solution, for advertising purposes or for maintenance of the service.

In accordance with European GDPR legislation, the Customer may request to have access, consult and modify or rectify the information held by Surcouf Prod SRL which concerns him.

Article 14. Applicable rules

The SaaS Clickchauffeur solution is published by Surcouf Prod SRL, a company incorporated under Romanian law. The General Conditions of Sale are therefore governed by Romanian law.

In the event of any dispute in connection with these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, Surcouf Prod SRL and the Client grant exclusive jurisdiction to the International Arbitration Court of Bucharest (Romania).

These General Conditions of Sale can be consulted when ordering and will be fully and entirely accepted by the Customer.